Nooder bot

The only discord bot you need for your server, Nooder bot.

Command Demo - Anti Scam

Anti Scamming

Meet our new Anti-Scam feature! Keep your Discord family safe – our bot watches out for scams in real-time, stopping trouble before it starts. Enjoy worry-free chatting with built-in protection! 🛡️🤖

Command Demo - Anti Links

Anti Links

Our Anti-Link feature is here to keep your Discord server secure. Say goodbye to harmful links – our bot automatically scans and blocks them, ensuring a worry-free environment for everyone. Click with confidence! 🚫🔗

Command Demo - Anti Phishing

Anti Phishing

Introducing our Anti-Phishing shield! Your Discord space is now safer than ever. Our vigilant bot detects and blocks phishing attempts, keeping your community protected from deceptive schemes. Enjoy phishing-free conversations with confidence! 🚫🎣

Command Demo - Logging

Automatic Logging

Our Logging System is like a friendly journal for your server, noting down every mod action and important event. No secrets, just clear logs for a safer and more organized Discord adventure. Stay informed effortlessly! 📜🕵️

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